Solve Poverty. Fund Mission. 


     We are actually solving poverty, not through endless charity, but through the timeless principles and practices of enterprise. It is the only sustainable way that poverty ever has been solved.
   Then...we are funding mission. Those rising out of poverty are funding their lives and their life-changing ministries, businesses, agencies and organizations.
   That's empowerment!
   Join the revolution!!!

 Dr. John H. Morgan, 
Founder and President

Mission & Vision

Solve Poverty. Fund Mission.

1 Million Out of Poverty by 2030.

Our 5 Step Strategy

1. Produce The 10 People Prosper University Online Courses that teach The 3 Power Principles to Multiply Your Prosperity... No Matter How Poor or Rich You Are to our global audience.
Introducing PPI Training to pastors in Haiti.

2. Introduce the People Prosper University Courses to Leaders who serve in high poverty areas. They are the Sleeping Giant that can change the world.  
Teaching at Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya.

3. Teach Introductory PPU Courses to these leaders' communities.  
Here is our PPI Team Kenya

4. Train Certified People Prosper University Trainers to teach live PPU courses in their regions, to reach out with training for the poorer communities and to expand PPU training to neighboring regions. 
This is our friend, Banice Mburu, founder and owner of the Jade Collection stores in Kenya. Banice is a PPI partner and she has a vision to empower many in Africa.

5. Produce Women's Global Impact Conferences, first online, then in key global locations and provide follow-up PPU Courses through regional PPU Trainers and our online PPU Courses.

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Give a Man a Fish, or...

My BIO: Dr. John H Morgan

Hi! I have been teaching people how to succeed in life and work for 35 years. For the last 20 years I have been teaching people around the world how to create prosperity, solve poverty and change the world. Welcome to my PPI website! Pictured here is a young lady who attended one of our PPI courses in the Philippines.
Together, we can change the world!

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