Offer to Host a Dinner Event to Introduce Your Friends or Your Small Group to PPI.


  • You or your group host a dinner. Casual is best. Pot lucks are fine. 

  • Invite people whom you think may have a heart for and the capability to support the PPI mission of Solving Poverty and Funding Mission through Empowerment.

  • We will help you craft the invitations. It's easy and you will be surprised by some who will say, "Yes." 

  • We will tell the PPI Story, share inspiring stories and pictures of those who are living the empowerment journey and give a quick overview of the PPI Empowerment Principles. 

  •  We will invite your friends in a no-pressure way to become Financial Partners with PPI. 

  • We will follow-up with those who are interested.

Thank you! We are honored. Our Team will contact you soon. 

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