Organize a Fundraiser for PPI.

Be creative and have fun. Take something you and others would enjoy and turn it into a good time for a great cause. Here are some more ideas. 

  • Tournaments: Golf, Fishing (Bass or Saltwater), Shooting, Poker, Mud Volleyball, Co-ed Softball. 

  • Rallies: Motorcycles, Classic and Show Cars, Airplanes, Regattas. 

  • Runs and Races: Walks, Running, Biking, Mountain Biking, Downhill Biking. 

  • Events: Fashion Show, Comedy Show, Concert, Dance, Costume Parties, Casino Night, Cooking Class, BBQs, Pot Lucks, Festivals, Themed Dinner, Make PPI Your Birthday Charity Fundraiser.   

  • Sales: Garage Sales, Bake Sales, Auctions, Percent of Your Business Sales for a Set Time, Enchilada Sales, Tamale Sales. 

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