A Prayer for Kenya

Life is a blessing. A gift from God. Frustrating at times; even scary. Carrie and I are heading to Kisumu Kenya to meet our Houses with Hope team and begin a new adventure to bring a new hope to our Kenyan brothers and sisters. It is a calling that God planted in my heart many years ago and thanks be to God it is coming to fruition.

God has a design and plan for each of us and even though there are sure to be many trials, we can rejoice because He works all good things and for His purpose alone. I just have the honor of being a part of it all.

I am excited and anxious and humbled. I hate the unknown and this is a big unknown. I have no idea what is in store for us but I do know that God is our provider, our sustainer, and our rock. I know we are in His hands and I am excited to witness and glorify His name.

My prayer is not for me but for those who have been oppressed and marginalized. My prayer is that Jesus Christ would take hold of hearts and minds and give us the strength and courage to stand up for those who have no voice and empower them to rise up out of the slave mentality they have been subjugated to for far too long. That we would help them to know their true value in Jesus Christ and that they are loved by God and by us. Let me be your vessel Lord; for your glory alone. Amen.

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